Unhappy Fools

Wisdom is only gained through life experiences. Amidst the folly of youth, it’s often assumed that wisdom will be gained later in life. But sometimes, it is not. There are both young & old fools in the world. What is it that prevents a young fool from becoming a wise elder? Is it destiny? Or perhaps a curse of sorts, bestowed upon the young fool?

Bad decision after bad decision, repeating the same actions and hoping for different results. Isn’t that insanity? Or is it stupidity? Either way, eventually, the cycle should break… Right? After so many failures the pressure intensifies, weighing on one’s psyche. Insomnia and depression would be understandable, yet blissful ignorance only dulls the warning signs. How? 

If one cannot please one’s self, why instead is their happiness traded for the approval of others? A greek chorus of negative, miserable spectators never pleased with the events of the show. A petulant paparazzi encouraging and admiring only the worst behaviors.

Begin to value yourself. Eliminate drama. Ignore your foolish pride or be cursed to become an old fool.


Pretty Penny

Her attention doesn’t come cheap, if you were expecting it easy. But not just the time itself, the qualifying requirements. Yeah you got your Masters but what’s up with that PhD? You bought a 4.0? Better get your change up.

She used to date this one nigga, he stayed in the streets heavy. Quarter pounders at a time, he used to keep a Big Mac. Til police kicked the door in, they shut down the whole trap. I think she was still in school then and had to deal with all that shit.

The years are starting to get to her. The physical blessings turn into curses cuz we slick stressed for time. Not everyone just wants to use you, must be hard to be fine. But do you really wanna say you lost your money and mind?

Just a matter of time before she falls back on me. But I don’t get the perks because she thinks I struggle with money. I have to listen to her stories, I roll up as she whines. And now, this once so pretty penny’s starting to lose all its shine.

Inspired by The Daily Post – Daily Prompt: Shine


Today is my 27th birthday…

27 is the perfect cube.

At 27 though, still, I am not the perfect dude.

I have flaws and at times, I feel lost.

My eyes glossed

All those joints that I’ve rolled

Cause reflection of tolls

of last breaths from some artists I know.

Morrison, Hendrix are VIP members

I’ll stay out if I make it past this next December


Winehouse celebrations, threaten life as I know

The rains of nirvana, Cobain, they fall slow

We’ll sip slow



be no more

for this is one age I can’t wait to see go.


Creatures of the Night

Angelic voices and devilish figures.

Such dangerous creatures come out in the night.

There’s no one to save you, 

The homies slipped too. 

Like “fuck, what’d I get myself into?”

As the Captain of ship,

dude that planned the whole trip.

You would think that I’d keep us on course.

But on islands of thought, so far from the mainland,

I’d let my brothers drift astray.

There was noise all about, from my boys in and out, when I heard someone singing along.

As I turned there she was almost singing to me,

in a way that was hard to resist.

Being drawn to the sound, I approached with a smile

her voice now the only I hear.

The air became heavy, the closer I got, then the music and voices all fade.

It was silence now loudest, as I stood right in front her

feeling myself grasp for air.

Just standing and watching as I reached for something

that’s no longer meant to be had.

All I hear now, is wailing the sirens are calling

from sunset to sunrise across the horizon.

Just a Friend pt.2

I just can’t seem to seize this moment. I’ve been so close and I admit I believe that there may be hope yet. The right day, the right atmosphere and I can have you. If only for one night. Just focus. Listen friend, we should really do some exploring. Can you just take a moment to hear me out?… 

I get, happy feelings from your name in my notification window. Never a dull moment, steady sips of innuendo. I want to be myself, sometimes, but I must remember. While I want to be your lover, you just want to be a friend though. 

We text like half the day, about work and the justice system. I spend the time between response thinking of what I’m missing. You’ve got the perfect shape, and I’m so in love with your figure. I could be your perfect lover but I’m just another nigga.

When you hit me up on Snapchat, I always hope it’s a picture. But it never is and it snaps me outta my feelings. We been friends since high school and I’ve watched as you’ve gotten thicker. But since you know my exes, you won’t let me see your nipples.

If I had a flashy thing, like Men in Black after contact. I’d erase the memories that have caused you to overreact. Decisions of my past, reincarnated just to haunt me. I seriously want you, I just wish that you would want me.

Autumn is Coming

Starting today, everything you’ve known and loved will change. Your world will begin to shift on its axis. When you step outside and off your front porch, things will look and feel much differently than they have. At work, gone will should be your co-workers favorite pair of white pants. When you arrive home from work the sun won’t hang out with you as long anymore, if at all. Though if you do, make it home in time please take a moment to enjoy the wonderful dusk and breeze.

In the world of fantasy, some will play the Game of Throws where you can only win, never tie. We will pledge fealty to our Lords of Weekend and Wardens of the Sport. Saturday afternoons will consist of wings, ale, and your cities’ bannermen battling against the neighboring cities greatest warriors. Soon the Ice Walkers will be amongst us as well, battling for Lord Stanley’s Cup. We will dress in our most comfortable hoodies and light the biggest bonfires the night has ever seen! It is not quite here yet, but almost and things are surely changing. All your favorite items, for now, will come in pumpkin flavor. Summer has been great, lest we forget, not yet passed. But we must brace ourselves, Autumn is Coming.


Just A Friend.

Inspiration via Daily Prompt: Cheat

Cheating is confusing. Is it still considered cheating if we’re not together yet? Because I’ve got a friend, that’s just a friend but things have changed a bit. I mean, we only text, mostly about social issues sometimes other things come up. She’s so opinionated and intelligent, yet welcoming and warm. Sorry, I’m gushing. We’re just friends but am I cheating on the other girl, the one I mainly date?

I must be honest, my friend and I went out the other night but she asked me. She had tickets to a concert and decided to ask me. This was not a rap concert, no, this was Neo Soul. The type of show you’d take your wife to, where girlfriends become fiances. Yet here I was with just a friend unsure of what to do. As we went to get our drinks, the couples all around, I was searching for the line marked Platonic Friendships Only. Then I felt my phone vibrate, a text from the girl I mainly date.

I ignored the text of course, then again on accident when I got drunk. For the night, I became the personal photographer for the girl that’s just a friend. The concert was great, afterwards we caught a Uber to our cars. Lucky, I must have been since the Uber ride had tints. Because in the middle of downtown concert traffic, the girl that had been just a friend decided to explore inside my pants. Must have been the Neo Soul experience mixed with liquor and vibes.

Although I got a happy ending, overall my night would soon lose its. As we arrived to our vehicles, evidence out plain in sight, I remembered that I had a text from the girl I mainly date. So I told the girl that was just a friend goodbye and to text when she was safe. Then I pulled my phone out, blinking blue, the message still unread. “You looked real cute with your lil friend out tonight on your lil date.” Was it really cheating, since we weren’t together yet? Does this make my just a friend, the one that I now date??