Autumn is Coming

Starting today, everything you’ve known and loved will change. Your world will begin to shift on its axis. When you step outside and off your front porch, things will look and feel much differently than they have. At work, gone will should be your co-workers favorite pair of white pants. When you arrive home from work the sun won’t hang out with you as long anymore, if at all. Though if you do, make it home in time please take a moment to enjoy the wonderful dusk and breeze.

In the world of fantasy, some will play the Game of Throws where you can only win, never tie. We will pledge fealty to our Lords of Weekend and Wardens of the Sport. Saturday afternoons will consist of wings, ale, and your cities’ bannermen battling against the neighboring cities greatest warriors. Soon the Ice Walkers will be amongst us as well, battling for Lord Stanley’s Cup. We will dress in our most comfortable hoodies and light the biggest bonfires the night has ever seen! It is not quite here yet, but almost and things are surely changing. All your favorite items, for now, will come in pumpkin flavor. Summer has been great, lest we forget, not yet passed. But we must brace ourselves, Autumn is Coming.