Upon Arrival pt. 1

It’s about a 4 hour drive from here to there. Check in is at 3PM, so if we leave now we’ll get there with time to spare. Maybe we can grab a bite to fill in the time?


Yep and you already know we got plenty of that. State troopers like to lurk between 127 & the state line, so it’s now or later.


The rest goes in the trunk. Let me get the aux cord. You heard this? It’s fire.


I told you it was fire. Let’s stop at the gas station and fill it back up. Then, we can stop at that place you were talking about on Yelp.


It was! Good choice. You can light that back up now too since we’re out of the boondocks. Do you mind taking over the aux cord?


Oh, this is dope. It’s so private. I’m not sure if a hotel will cut it anymore. Did you see this though?


I’ll probably spend my whole night in here. Wait, you’ve got to warm in up a bit first. It says after about 30 minutes…



Defense Tactics

I do not pray for my enemies.

I besiege their walls & wait for their downfall.

I will not love those, who do not love me.

I remember and will not forgive the lies until you’ve returned my wasted time.

Even still,

I bear no ill will,

But I won’t forgive,

I’ll just pretend.. the way you did.


Animosity has moved where admiration once lived

A warm shoulder to lean upon

a cold one returned in gratitude

A fledgling associate, your value now lacks

yet a sliver of hope remains still

Admission of feelings

caused tension to grow


a distorted collection of sentiment

resting in its place.


Inspired by The Daily Post – Daily Prompt: Unseen


The Visit

Phone started ringing at like 12AM, we met at the Shell earlier, she just got in… And was wondering, if I was still with my friends and if I wasn’t if I wanted to come see her a minute…

Well.. I guess it depends, on what she’s got in mind and if she’s got any kids (yeah)… Nah, nevermind, I’ll probably just chill at the crib. A couple of minutes later, it started ringing again…

The number looked familiar but ain’t saved in my phone. I’m drunk, so I said fuck it, I’m gonna answer, hello?…

The voice said, I know that you can’t stand me, but you remember me? It’s Brandi?

I said the one I used to wax like a candle? The one that it was never nothing that she couldn’t handle? The one that said I used to fuck her better than her man do?

She replied like, yeah so? But what you doing now though? Henny talking on both shoulders, dog this chick like Alpo…

Told her nothing, bout to roll up. Ima come over there hold up, now this Operation’s covert… “no man” is the code word.

Learned from my mistakes, so it’s no way I’m gon slip, I only pistol whip with Magnums on some Goldeneye shit. Only visiting for now, but always packing for a trip. With him she been wishing it was me inside them hips.

Neighbors probably hear the knocking. And it’ll stay like this as long as she keep calling. Fuck it if he don’t like it, true story, I ain’t even have to write this.

Just A Friend.

Inspiration via Daily Prompt: Cheat

Cheating is confusing. Is it still considered cheating if we’re not together yet? Because I’ve got a friend, that’s just a friend but things have changed a bit. I mean, we only text, mostly about social issues sometimes other things come up. She’s so opinionated and intelligent, yet welcoming and warm. Sorry, I’m gushing. We’re just friends but am I cheating on the other girl, the one I mainly date?

I must be honest, my friend and I went out the other night but she asked me. She had tickets to a concert and decided to ask me. This was not a rap concert, no, this was Neo Soul. The type of show you’d take your wife to, where girlfriends become fiances. Yet here I was with just a friend unsure of what to do. As we went to get our drinks, the couples all around, I was searching for the line marked Platonic Friendships Only. Then I felt my phone vibrate, a text from the girl I mainly date.

I ignored the text of course, then again on accident when I got drunk. For the night, I became the personal photographer for the girl that’s just a friend. The concert was great, afterwards we caught a Uber to our cars. Lucky, I must have been since the Uber ride had tints. Because in the middle of downtown concert traffic, the girl that had been just a friend decided to explore inside my pants. Must have been the Neo Soul experience mixed with liquor and vibes.

Although I got a happy ending, overall my night would soon lose its. As we arrived to our vehicles, evidence out plain in sight, I remembered that I had a text from the girl I mainly date. So I told the girl that was just a friend goodbye and to text when she was safe. Then I pulled my phone out, blinking blue, the message still unread. “You looked real cute with your lil friend out tonight on your lil date.” Was it really cheating, since we weren’t together yet? Does this make my just a friend, the one that I now date??