Today is my 27th birthday…

27 is the perfect cube.

At 27 though, still, I am not the perfect dude.

I have flaws and at times, I feel lost.

My eyes glossed

All those joints that I’ve rolled

Cause reflection of tolls

of last breaths from some artists I know.

Morrison, Hendrix are VIP members

I’ll stay out if I make it past this next December


Winehouse celebrations, threaten life as I know

The rains of nirvana, Cobain, they fall slow

We’ll sip slow



be no more

for this is one age I can’t wait to see go.



13 thoughts on “27

  1. Ah I love this. So eery, this choice of photo of 9, 9=2+7. Crazy that this is just a fraction of the celebrities that died at this age.

    I am wishing you the best year of yo life, fellow Cap! Happy bornday!

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      1. I’m definitely going to check that out! Thanks for the link. I have never performed before but I’vd done a lot of behind the scenes work. It’s time I think though. I’m in Nashville, so we really have nothing at all like that here. So hopefully, with all this new growth in the city & wider demographics to a degree, we can carve out a space for it.

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      2. Yeah, we don’t really have many creative spaces of our own down here. There’s really good live music venues but we’re gonna hold this at a warehouse & make it social. They’ll be a jazz band playing interludes for us in between performers. Should be cool, we’ll use our connects to bring out a sexy little crowd.

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