Just A Friend.

Inspiration via Daily Prompt: Cheat

Cheating is confusing. Is it still considered cheating if we’re not together yet? Because I’ve got a friend, that’s just a friend but things have changed a bit. I mean, we only text, mostly about social issues sometimes other things come up. She’s so opinionated and intelligent, yet welcoming and warm. Sorry, I’m gushing. We’re just friends but am I cheating on the other girl, the one I mainly date?

I must be honest, my friend and I went out the other night but she asked me. She had tickets to a concert and decided to ask me. This was not a rap concert, no, this was Neo Soul. The type of show you’d take your wife to, where girlfriends become fiances. Yet here I was with just a friend unsure of what to do. As we went to get our drinks, the couples all around, I was searching for the line marked Platonic Friendships Only. Then I felt my phone vibrate, a text from the girl I mainly date.

I ignored the text of course, then again on accident when I got drunk. For the night, I became the personal photographer for the girl that’s just a friend. The concert was great, afterwards we caught a Uber to our cars. Lucky, I must have been since the Uber ride had tints. Because in the middle of downtown concert traffic, the girl that had been just a friend decided to explore inside my pants. Must have been the Neo Soul experience mixed with liquor and vibes.

Although I got a happy ending, overall my night would soon lose its. As we arrived to our vehicles, evidence out plain in sight, I remembered that I had a text from the girl I mainly date. So I told the girl that was just a friend goodbye and to text when she was safe. Then I pulled my phone out, blinking blue, the message still unread. “You looked real cute with your lil friend out tonight on your lil date.” Was it really cheating, since we weren’t together yet? Does this make my just a friend, the one that I now date??




6 thoughts on “Just A Friend.

  1. Oooooh shoot. What to do?! As for if it’s cheating, it depends on the whether or not you and your main have set up he expectation that you two are dating exclusively. Or if you’ve given her the expectation that you are…with an excess of time and no clarification of what that time does or doesn’t indicate to you. I think its time you 2 sit down and discuss the parameters of your relationship. And dont be afraid to apologize – let her know your intention wasn’t to hurt her. 🙂


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