Forever a Gift to Carry

Inspired by the Daily Post – Carry

Year after year, the load gets heavier. Some things you’ve picked up can stay with you forever.

At loss for how one person carries so much, to be laden with gifts of a terrible curse.

Curtains of figment will shade your brown windows, when close as I’ve been though, still prove to be lucid.

The bags that you carry get heavier yet, the fools now unknowingly carry the rest.

There is no escape from the backpack of weight, inside it the luggage of lusting and fate.

Like a spider who spins and inflicts on their prey, a poisonous dose from a toxic foray.

It’s paramount knowing your status, and if what you carry is happy or sadness

Now stifled, they’ll realized the choice that they’ve made, won’t end as they wished soon all hope will then fade.


7 thoughts on “Forever a Gift to Carry

  1. I literally just read this three times and I may be acting slow at the moment because I’m not completely sure on the meaning of this one. I see two different meanings. One is that they both now have a std. Or the other is that they are going to have a baby.
    Oh and make it four times now. That’s the power of a good poem. It has me here stuck.


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