The Repeated Apology

The 1st time it happened our love was still new

I couldn’t just give up and give him to you.

As I was still wrapped in your physical traits

Forgiven, I dealt with the pain you erased.

The longer we lasted, the more it would happen

that new love euphoria clearly now absent.

We still would have sex, though, missing was passion.

Open your legs, I’ll forgive your abandon.

This time I saw it, the messages sent

Have I not reason now yet to lament?

Lie once, then lie twice, our future now cast

this time you said sorry is different from last.

When you finally decide what you want in your life

they’ll beg and they’ll plead, to make them your wife.

But see lying and cheating are terrible qualities

I know that you’re sorry, so save your apologies.


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