Sanctuary: An Endangered Word

Mired in conflict and turmoil, today’s world has become a mashed pot of hysteria now at a rolling boil. Across all continents and cultures, there is a crisis on hand for those in need of refuge from a life of mere survival. America should be leading the way, as a whole, however we have become a collection of Divided States ourselves. In a country unable to solve its own racial issues and determined to remind us during every tragedy that All Lives Matter, are certain lives part of an asterisk marked portion of lives? Yes. Of course they are, no different from all men being created equal*

* except Native Americans, Blacks & Latinos. Women’s rights pending

Where is there sanctuary even at anymore? Unfortunately for those seeking asylum, they’re about 62 years too late for Ellis Island. Americans back then were even alienating of Irish and other immigrants, so the darker complexioned refugees of today are sure to get it worse. This will only further grow the divide between these clashing cultures, mixed in with the potential occurence of more separative homeland events, an eruption could occur at any moment. As grim as this view may seem, I’d argue that Europe is at an even more dire state of affairs than America.

I don’t know what the answer is, I don’t know how to provide sanctuary for people when I feel as though I have none of my own. Where will I go when the next black man is innocently murdered by police and bleeds out on American soil? Where can we go when a white supremacist finally feels we’re at war and acts a la Dylann Roof? What do you call a refugee whose sanctuary is also a war zone? I imagine, at this rate, these are questions we all may need to know the answer to much sooner than later.



7 thoughts on “Sanctuary: An Endangered Word

  1. There are a lot of terrible things happening in the world — you’re very right about that. As an American, I feel so desensitized to gun violence due to the insane number of shootings we have each year here. It’s a crazy world, and certainly a depressing one.

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      1. So true! I first realized this in college, when I was reading a blog run by a man named Niall Doherty. He wrote a post on the power of fear and media’s use of it, and it caused an epiphany for me. Definitely one of the defining moments in my life — and in my decision to stop watching so much TV.

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  2. A dire reminder on our modern reality; nevertheless a good read though. After just one post, I feel like I’m going to like your future stuff. Followed.

    On a different note, and this is just me being anal, but if your paragraphs were justified, I think you’d find it much prettier 🙂


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