What ever happened to… Slow Dancing

As a kid, every show with a middle school aged child had an episode about a school dance. The characters were always concerned about dancing with two left feet or stepping on their crush’s toes. Eventually the mother would swoop in to save the day, teaching the kid how to hold the girl’s waist and lead. He’d go to the masquerade, approach his crush for a dance and nail the technique. Every time.

Do schools even have middle school dances these days? If they do, I’d wager a bet that most of the dancing is twerking and grinding to fast songs. The connection created between two adolescents sharing their first slow dance is a moment that is not to be missed. It’s one of those points on the timeline of growing up, or at least it used to be.

I went to the prom in 2008, and let me tell you… there was ZERO slow dancing occurring there. As a matter of fact, at one point I ended up in a circle of about 5 girls all twerking around me. Last year, I went to a wedding where there wasn’t even any slow dancing. The bride and groom didn’t even share a dance together! If brides and grooms aren’t even slowing dancing together, there is no hope for a 12-year-old boy to plot one on his timeline before high school.

Slow dancing is an important part of the interactions between boys and girls at that age, and it must be nurtured. Boys should be taught to respect the young ladies, and the young ladies should be taught to be respectable. Removing the importantance of this social interaction, is having a greater impact that I think we realize. The confidence, respect and feeling of accomplishment of a slow dance, just doesn’t compare with much else during the ever important adolescence. Twerking inspires lust, slow dancing inspires love.


7 thoughts on “What ever happened to… Slow Dancing

  1. WOOOOOWWW!!! No slow dancing at someone’s wedding? That’s interesting. You make a great point about the value of slow dancing as a way to show someone how to “love” someone. It’s poetic, right? Only one thing can come from twerking. Well, maybe 2-3 things, but none of them in the “love” category.

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  2. I loved you ending sentence. It’s true, on almost all the “chick-flick” movies of not just middle schoolers but students at prom would always slow dance and felt so romantic. And somehow I do agree with you, I believe this “cliche, as people could call it, scene is no more.

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      1. 🙂
        I believe it’s important as well, but I don’t know if it’ll recover it’s mysticism as a “romantic slow dance” introduction to high school, adulthood, or even as you said, marriage.


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