What I Need From You Is…


Some people will argue that communication is the key to a successful relationship, in reality it starts with understanding. Oddly enough, reality and understanding don’t often cross paths. If we communicate in two different languages, there can quite literally be NO understanding. As simple as it may sound, the concept of having an understanding can at times, be more idealistic than we’d prefer.

Best practice would be to work on gaining an understanding of one another from day 1. The idealism of understanding, remains such due to the medieval level of double crossing, that occurs in the course of some relationships. They can quickly become conspiracies without understanding. One person conspiring against another.

Not what I’d have in mind for my next relationship(s), surely. Usually, you can spot the signs of a conspiracy in play. Understanding is something everyone should want, there should be no resistance to this. Don’t unknowingly enter into a conspiracyship, and end up getting stabbed in the back a la Julius Caesar.

Et tu, Boo thang?


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