What a Shame

When most people think of embarrassment, they usually speak of rather trivial happenings. Holes in pants, falling in mud or having something in their teeth, for instance. I won’t argue, maybe to some people this does amount to embarrassment, although much more self-conscious in its definition. The embarrassment I feel is a far greater embarrassment. A cultural, and societal embarrassment, that only seems to be worsening.

The embarrassment I feel seems irreversible. In a world where promiscuity has become acceptable, and even encouraged at times, it leaves me feeling naked. Exposed to a world that I never intended to be apart of. It’s everywhere. Social media has taken the privacy and sanctity of relationships, and exploited it for double taps. We’ve got Man Crush Mondays and Women Crush Wednesdays, living and dying to be one or the other on a weekly basis. You’d be hard pressed to find a young person these days, who has not fallen victim to social media in one way or another. Friends have been ruined, hearts broken yet we remain none the wiser. The belief that if you don’t display your relationship status on Facebook, then you don’t care about your partner. That to me, is embarrassing.

We are all entitled to the unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The pursuit of happiness should not include women objectifying themselves on social media, all the while wondering why they can’t find a partner. That is embarrassing. This is not a bashing of women, as men are just as responsible for creating this toxic environment. When men are the ones giving social media models thousands of double taps per picture, the normal women become alienated. That must be what we all want right? No. Never in the history of America, has being completely reckless in action been as rewarded as it is now. That is embarrassing. I am more embarrassed by the current state of affairs, than I have ever been with ripping a hole in my jeans.


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6 thoughts on “What a Shame

  1. Hear, hear! You said it all. I am embarrassed as well. A form of entertainment is now being use to exploit life. Nothing is sacred anymore.

    Thank you for this. I have to share.

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      1. Not at all. That is why I had to rid myself of Facebook + continue to take breaks from social media from time to time: people make mountains out of molehills. They glorify trivialities and blindly follow a post because it’s popular instead of using the platform for actual movement/change.

        I could go on + on about it. Social media can be a powerful tool if we use it right [said Sandra Bland]. Thanks again for writing and sharing this.

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