I know it’s kind of late but let’s go to Walmart.

Hold my hand through the parking lot because it’s Walmart.                                                        

Let’s save the adventure for inside the store. I’ll get a basket.

1st thing’s first, pharmacy to the left. Condoms, the big ones of course.

Alas, now we’re prepared for a loving evening of awkward wandering.


Grabbing stay over products, dropping hints so I don’t have to ask.

Of course you can keep a few bars of soap, lotion and shampoos at the lair.

Real slick. Gotta admire the style.

I guess I should probably go grab some new towels.

Ended up with sheets and pillows, a blanket too somehow


Ambience is so important, when relaxing, you agree?

I knew you would, you’re so chill. This is nice.

A few candles I would guess, though sometimes I prefer incense

You too? That’s dope, grab some Sandalwood, it’s best.

Electronics, DVD section and candy maybe next?


$5 bin has hidden gems if you dare.

I always feel like I’m sticking my hand into a litter box though.

But, today I’m diving in, a double pack romcom should do.

See, cuz one just won’t be long enough for what I’ve planned for you.

Found it! Now, give me back your hand, we’re still inside the zoo.


I never really buy clothes from here, but I buy sweats from time to time.

I saw you looking at them too, we may as well grab some, then get snacks.

Let’s just grab some chips and dip, we still got groceries at the crib.

Now I’m speaking plurals, using we, like you live where I live.

If you keep it up like this though, you’ll get all I’ve got to give.


We should head to the checkout, before we buy something else we don’t need.

Like always, only 2 lanes open. Let’s just self checkout, there’s some open.

Only $60 bucks, I’m shocked. Of course it’s okay if we split.

No you don’t have to pay for all of this woman, would you quit!

I know your last boyfriend never paid anything. He wasn’t shit.


Hold my hand tighter this time, get in, and start the car.

Fuck this basket, it can sit right here, the parking lot’s too dark.

I prefer simplicity the most, to ease my weary heart.

Painted pictures, two new lovers perfect topics, we’ll make art.

Bringing you here with me is my best decision yet, by far.


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