The Closet

The Closet in my head, I never use it anymore.

For I fear what may pop out if I should open up the door.

Full of things I had no space for, some I hoped I could just hide.

I’m afraid of what will happen, when there’s no more room inside.


I thought that I could forget them, if they all were out of sight.

Out of mind lost in the darkness since The Closet has no light.

But now recently, things thought to be put up have shown their face.

As I feared, the items inside must no longer know their place.


This is not what I had planned, to have to deal with them again.

All the problems of a wicked past, again must I contend?

It is clear there must be action, what I did before has failed.

The Closet must become a coffin, its contents hammered and nailed.


The Closet in my head’s still there, though not used anymore.

And it doesn’t linger quite the same as it did once before.

What The Closet makes me feel, no one should feel because it sucks.

Now I wish that I had cleaned it out, instead of seal it up.




I know it’s kind of late but let’s go to Walmart.

Hold my hand through the parking lot because it’s Walmart.                                                        

Let’s save the adventure for inside the store. I’ll get a basket.

1st thing’s first, pharmacy to the left. Condoms, the big ones of course.

Alas, now we’re prepared for a loving evening of awkward wandering.


Grabbing stay over products, dropping hints so I don’t have to ask.

Of course you can keep a few bars of soap, lotion and shampoos at the lair.

Real slick. Gotta admire the style.

I guess I should probably go grab some new towels.

Ended up with sheets and pillows, a blanket too somehow


Ambience is so important, when relaxing, you agree?

I knew you would, you’re so chill. This is nice.

A few candles I would guess, though sometimes I prefer incense

You too? That’s dope, grab some Sandalwood, it’s best.

Electronics, DVD section and candy maybe next?


$5 bin has hidden gems if you dare.

I always feel like I’m sticking my hand into a litter box though.

But, today I’m diving in, a double pack romcom should do.

See, cuz one just won’t be long enough for what I’ve planned for you.

Found it! Now, give me back your hand, we’re still inside the zoo.


I never really buy clothes from here, but I buy sweats from time to time.

I saw you looking at them too, we may as well grab some, then get snacks.

Let’s just grab some chips and dip, we still got groceries at the crib.

Now I’m speaking plurals, using we, like you live where I live.

If you keep it up like this though, you’ll get all I’ve got to give.


We should head to the checkout, before we buy something else we don’t need.

Like always, only 2 lanes open. Let’s just self checkout, there’s some open.

Only $60 bucks, I’m shocked. Of course it’s okay if we split.

No you don’t have to pay for all of this woman, would you quit!

I know your last boyfriend never paid anything. He wasn’t shit.


Hold my hand tighter this time, get in, and start the car.

Fuck this basket, it can sit right here, the parking lot’s too dark.

I prefer simplicity the most, to ease my weary heart.

Painted pictures, two new lovers perfect topics, we’ll make art.

Bringing you here with me is my best decision yet, by far.

South: The Rise of Southern Hip Hop

The daily prompt dropped a gem off today. South. The word standing all alone stirs so many thoughts and emotions. Lightning bugs (fireflies to you Yankees), the smell of fresh cut grass & charcoal, and the orange aurora glowing from the horizon at dusk. For all the sights and smells the South has to offer, it is the sound that truly seperates the South, from all other regions of the country. Y’all finna get some understanding.

When someone from the South starts talking, you’re drawn to listen. The drawl and use of hyperbole are enough to keep the attention of a squirrel. Maybe it was because you couldn’t quite understand, or were intrigued by the use of metaphor, but by God you listen harder when a Southerner speaks.

I’m still a bit of a youngster, yet at times life fails to remind me I’m not 55. I was born in 1990. NWA, MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice were running hip hop back then. I remember “Big Poppa” being a hit, always playing on the radio in Pops car. I remember the East Coast/West Coast magazine covers, it was clear there was something going on. But I was greener than the grass I played in, so I didn’t feel a part of what was going on. It wasn’t until the Source Awards in 95′, I remember choosing a side. The South.

Andre’s prophecy, “The South Got Something to Say” is the hip hop equivalent of “The South will rise again” only greater, and truer. In hip hop terms, the South had yet to secede from the umbrella of the lyrical New York street raps. Sure you had 8Ball/MJG & UGK, but they weren’t generating any real airtime or winning awards back then. They didn’t demand respect, the way Andre did at the Source Awards. Outkast had a bigger plan. They weren’t content being beloved legends in the South alone, they wanted everyone to shut up and listen to them. Fuck the East Coast/West Coast beef, the South got something to say.

I still get deja Vu, when the sun is setting just right, and the Outkast station is playing on my Pandora. “Elevators” always takes me there, I guess that’s why the song is called Elevators. As the old prophecy goes, The South Will Rise again. Well, it has, only this time in the form of hip hop, and carried to the top by those Outkast Elevators. Thank you Outkast, for freeing us of tyranny.




Make America Hate Again

I was having a conversation with one of my white friends about what time period we’d like to have lived in, if not this one. He started off on the Viking era, ripped off a bunch of other super white time periods, and finally settled on the 1960s (for all the conspiracies of course). I must admit that I’m a bit of a Renaissance time travelling, daydreamer myself but the conversation eventually landed on American history. I understand as a black man in medieval times my options would have been restricted to slavery or piracy, fuck if I ain’t a noble in my daydreams though. No doubt. But in AMERICAN history, there’s no better place than now for us. So when I hear “Make America Great Again”, that translates to  Make America Hate Again to me. I’ll explain why.

In comparison to pretty much every other developed nation, America is pretty young. In fact so young, borrowing a line from Game Of Thrones, “so green it pisses grass.” So when exactly was this GREAT time period we keep hearing of America returning to? I definitely would not have wanted to be in that first group of black people coming to America in the 1600s, so scratch that the time period the FUCK off the list. The 1700s was a regal affair no doubt, you could have found a handful of brothers doing alright for themselves. Benjamin Banneker, Prince Hall and James Forten to name a few. BUT… the 1st recorded casualty of the America Revolution was also a black man, Crispus Attucks. Basically, a premonition of the future for blacks in America, dying for a cause other than our own and hoping to be rewarded for it. The 1800s, just skip that shit completely, hell no. Skip it, NEXT! The early 1900s was a shit show, until the Harlem Renaissance, so I’ll pass on that too. Oh, for all the Irish and Polish homies, now was about the time I’d recommend you start at. I could understand an argument for blacks wanting to return to the 40s or 50s, but for me personally it was just too restrictive. I still couldn’t eat at all the restaurants in town or sneeze on a white man, even in the 60s. The 70s though, now I can dig that. The Panthers, Pam Grier and Shaft. But that’s my point, I have to wait until the 70s, to be genuinely okay in blackness. Fuck that. And if you’re Asian or Hispanic, just start at the 1980s. Please. Oh what a time, to be alive.


Hey Crispus, quick question. 1770 or 2016?

So why in the actual fuck, would I want America to be someone else’s type of “great” again? If your idea of great is racism, prejudice and imperialism, I’ll have to pass. Today’s America is the best is has ever been for the nation as a whole. Things are still difficult no doubt, but if you want it, you can get it without the overwhelming racial barriers of past America. I won’t argue with someone who tries to tell me this country was greater and stronger in the 40s during WWII, than it is today. Those are the goggles of a world I am incapable of seeing or dreaming of being apart of. Segregation, alive and well even among soldiers fighting for the same country. Dying for the same country, but unfit to eat, and sleep near one another. 1948. We had to die separate from our fellow “American brothers” ALL throughout WWII. Make America Great Again as a slogan, is disrespectful to every one of those soldiers and any person of color to have died for equality in this nation. America is great NOW, if we fail to recognize this, America won’t be great for much longer.