Fear is a Liar.

Fear rarely speaks truth. When fear speaks truth, it becomes fate anyway, so why even bother with fear?

Fear is the rest of the world, sitting at your table, drinking your wine, all the while disrespecting your house. Most of us would banish a disrespectful guest from our house, yet we allow fear to stay. Hell, we EMBRACE fear. Fear has nothing of it’s own, yet we make sweet love to fear, our bethrothed. We produce an heir for fear, Frustration, Prince of the Unhappy, Wardon of the Hateful.

Actually, when you think about it fear seems less like the definition we know. Remember, fear rarely speaks truth. When we listen to fear, we listen to a liar or a fraud. How many liars and frauds would you invite to sit at YOUR table, drink YOUR wine and disrespect YOUR house?

Get the fuck out fear, I don’t even know who you are anymore.


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