Peanut Butter & Jelly

The older I’ve gotten, the more it has occured to me that relationships are a lot like food. If there’s two things in the world I enjoy, it’s having something good inside me, and being inside something good. The warm and fuzzy feeling that food and relationships bring are one in the same really. An embrace from your significant other, can invoke memories of a warm soup and fall weather. That sort of feeling is a rare occurence, not to be induced without meaning. There are few things in life that touch our souls like a good meal or good woman (or man, if that’s what you’re into). To further prove my point, here’s a take on the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Peanut Butter is the man in the relationship, and Jelly is his woman. Jelly is the type of woman, that every man wants to say is his. Of course, there are different variations of Jelly throughout the world. She can be strawberry, grape, Black, White, Mexican, whatever may suit you, but she remains the same. She won’t be found messing around with Chocolate, or Caramel, she’s too sweet for all that. Jelly may not be as popular or attractive as Chocolate and Caramel, but her significance to Peanut Butter is unquestioned. When we think Jelly, we think Peanut Butter, plain and simple. However, the same cannot be said of Peanut Butter, absent of Jelly.

See, Peanut Butter has his own agenda. Peanut Butter is only worried about Peanut Butter, and his next move, he has options. Peanut Butter is not satisfied with the consistency of Jelly, she’s not sweet enough for him. Ridiculous right? We all know how sweet Jelly is, everyone knows and Peanut Butter takes it for granted. Peanut Butter decides he want to cheat on Jelly, with Chocolate. Now that Peanut Butter has had a taste of Chocolate, that sweet strawberry Jelly just doesn’t seem as sweet as it used to. Nothing Jelly does for Peanut Butter can ever taste as sweet as what Chocolate does for Peanut Butter. Over the course of the next few hookups, Peanut Butter wants more and more Chocolate, lusting for their next encounter. The relationship between Peanut Butter and Chocolate is purely a physical, lustful attraction.

What Peanut Butter forgets to take into account, is that Chocolate has always stood on her own. Chocolate has gone from strawberries, to bananas, then pancakes and Caramel. Chocolate has never met a partner she didn’t enjoy her time with, yet at the end of the day, she believes she’s best without anything else. Chocolate has never been obligated to one thing consistently and somehow Peanut Butter finds himself lusting for more hookups. Peanut Butter either doesn’t realize or care, that he is not as important to Chocolate, as he is to Jelly. Chocolate eventually begins spending the time she previously spent with Peanut Butter, with Caramel. Peanut Butter is thrust into a whirlwind, realizing he has neglected Jelly and must return to what he knows.

Jelly has heard about Peanut Butter’s transgressions, however she maintains the connection she has with him cannot be matched. Jelly is and always will be there for Peanut Butter, she is at her best when she’s with him. See, it is not Jelly who is weak for her actions. Jelly has principles and values that she vigorously defends right or wrong. As I stated before, Jelly is the type of woman that every man hopes to claim as his own. Jelly is unappreciated and because Chocolate and Caramel come in sexier packaging we men believe that this is what we need. Too much Chocolate and Caramel can ruin our appreciation for the many types of Jelly in our world.

If you have a Jelly in your life, appreciate the stability and consistency she brings to your life. Allow her to be the foundation upon which wonderful bites of life are taken from. She’s the perfect combination of sweet, and her loyalty is unquestioned. She will stand seperate from the Chocolates and Caramels, do not allow her to fade into the background. Jelly will never ask for acclimation, all the while deserving nothing short of. If you are Jelly, continue being Jelly. Don’t change anything. What you have done is working, it is not your fault that Peanut Butter is unappreciative. Chocolates and Caramels have so distorted what Peanut Butter believes to be sweet, thus he has wavered in his appreciation for his soulmate. All Peanut Butters will eventually travel this journey, at one point or another in their lives, however their true purpose will remain ungratified without their Jelly.